The Community of Blue Man Group TikTok

How Blue Man Group inspired a community to form around their authenticity, relatability, and style of communicating without ever actually speaking.


Our Purpose

Creative, obscure, perplexing, blue – these are the things that often pop up when one thinks of Blue Man Group. When the Blue Man Group TikTok account was created, we experimented with different ways the Blue Men would share their understanding of the platform, how they would communicate with viewers and how they would take up space in the TikTok discourse as organically as possible. Our goal was to stay true to their deadpan, blunt, witty humor in ways that would unexpectedly stun creators and commenters as well as engage younger and new audiences for brand relevancy.

By actively commenting and creating 1-to-1 interactions with other TikTok creators and users of the platform, Blue Man Group inspired a community to form around their authentic, relatable content and communication style. Users can tell when partnerships are staged and calculated, so when unexpected organic friendships and interactions blossomed with the Blue Men, the community rooted for them which encouraged a new wave of followers who were then fully invested in these different storylines and their outcomes.

As a result, the Blue Man Group community on TikTok grew from 104K followers to 1.5M followers (+1,580% since October 2021) and garnered a total of 8.6M community engagements on the account alone.

Unexpected Friendships - Standalone Videos, Duets, and Stitches

It all started when Blue Man Group commented how Ouiam LaBanane's (72.5K) fate of being a Blue Man was obvious after she could not remove her blue face makeup for Halloween. Blue Man Group then followed up with a duet video insinuating that they were still waiting for her to join. She responded with a nod to “how I met your fathers”. A few days later, Ouiam visited our team in New York City and we revealed the meet-up everyone was waiting for. This relationship generated over 13 million video views and 500K comments. This story was also featured as a Case Study in a TikTok Presentation and Newsletter to Brand and Media Partners.

It all started when Japanese friends, Boso Hurricane (144K), imitated Blue Man Group (1.9M views). Blue Man Group responded with a stitch video. Boso Hurricane responded with a first video raving about it, and a second one where they invited Blue Man Group for lunch in the comments. They did end up having lunch together and they’ve been stitching and duetting with each other ever since. Here's the latest Boso Hurricane "Drumbone" cover and Blue Man Group’s response. This generated 22M video views and 3K comments.

When Samantha Eve (6.9M) painted herself blue, Blue Man Group commented “oh hey you called” and “blue might be your color”. She responded realizing she accidentally stole the Blue Men’s aesthetic and decides to book a flight to Las Vegas in hopes of meeting and explaining herself. We connected with Samantha to set up a meet with the Blue Man Group, where she attempted to explain herself. The Blue Men are still waiting for an explanation. This generated 8M video views and 3K comments.

When CJ (742K) and his California surfer friends each applied zinc on their face (8.8M views), Blue Man Group commented “Cody’s our fave” for using blue colored zinc. CJ started posting videos honoring Blue Man Group. He created a playlist on Blue Man Group and made a goal to shave his head to audition for the group if he reached 1M followers by the end of the month. Blue Man Group stitched his video to help him out and sent a mystery package for their efforts and CJ filmed their wholesome reactions with his girlfriend and with his friends. This generated 2.5M video views and 903 comments.

Also known as David Beck (12.2M), reached out to us in hopes of creating an oddly satisfying collaboration, which resulted in a comedic skit. This generated 2.9M video views and 1K comments.

Cameron Brig (248K) is a musician who shared “as a kid he would’ve done anything to be a Blue Man…and would still love to be a Blue Man” while covering a Blue Man Group song. The Blue Men responded that he “passed Level 1 challenge. Level 2 – do it in black uniform. In his response, Cameron went all out by dressing in black, painting his face blue and making an audition video. Blue Man Group responded and sent Cameron a package with tickets to see the show. This generated 721K video views and 630 comments.

When British comedian, Rachel Spicer (2.1M), gets made up in green makeup and bald cap (65.1K), a friendly rivalry sparks between her and Blue Man Group who then respond with this video. After this exchange, she then ends up. This generated 526K video views and 584 comments.

It all started when world-renowned figure Santa J. Claus (4.5M) and Blue Man Group started commenting friendly words of encouragement on each other’s videos when suddenly Santa started a bond over food as he duetted the Blue Men and vice versa. This generated 188K video views and 108 comments.

When Adam Rose (4.3M) created his ridiculous dance, BMG duetted it (1.4M views). Adam Rose invited them to meet and dance in person with their own blue cardigans. Stay tuned for the meet-up. This generated 1.4M video views and 609 comments.

Unexpected Interactions – Comments

Reminding people why Blue Man Group is still active, funny, and relevant in today’s world by unexpectedly, yet fittingly, commenting on TikTok creators’ videos of all ranks.

Sophie T. dyed her friend’s hair and face blue.

Josh accidentally paints his hands and hair blue, then exclaims “This is baaaaad”.

Demonstration of a new pepper spray which leaves victims blue for 48hrs.

Josh Neal accidentally sprays himself blue.

Lockasiam shares box of crayons which feature different skin colors, one being blue, and wondering why it is there.

Dakota asks his viewers “would you rather be tattooed head-to-toe blue or spend 15 years in solitary confinement?”

And lastly, to the judges reading; thank you for your time and consideration. After two years of uncertainty, to come back stronger than before and provide our community with entertainment through this accessible medium, is why we do the things we do every day.

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